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International Journal of Zambrut publishes; Economics & Business; Social, Politics & Humanities; Law; Engineering & Industry; Biology, Physics & Matematics; Agriculture & Agribusiness; Health, Nursing, & Medicine; Informatics, Technology & Computers; Food & Nutrition.

Journal of Economics & Business Journals

International Journal of Economics & Business publishes; Accounting, Finance, Administration, International Business, Management Strategic, Management, Human Resouces, Organizations, Marketing, Operations, Economics Development, Entrepreneurship & Others.

Social, Politics & Humanities Journals

International Journal of Social, Politics & Humanities publishes; Political Science, Sociology, International Relations, Administrative Sciences, Political Science, Public Business Administration, Education, Military Studies, Teaching Teacher Education & Others.

Biology, Physics & Mathematics Journals

International Journal of Biology, Physics & Mathematics publishes; Botany, Biotechnology, Ecology, Genetics, Astronomy, Probability Statistics, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Optimization, Quantum & Others.

Agriculture & Agribusiness Journals

International Journal of Agriculture & Agribusiness publishes; Agronomy, Horticulture, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Engineering, Horticulture, Technology Agriculture, Agriculture Industry & Others.

Health, Nursing & Medicine Journals

International Journal of Health, Nursing, & Medicine publishes; Public Health, Alternative Traditional Medicine, Health & Medical Sciences, Clinical Laboratory Science, Immunology, Pediatric Medicine, Natural Medicinal Plants, Pharmateutical, Nursing & Others.

Informatics & Technology Journals

International Journal of Informatics, Technology & Computers publishes; Data Mining Analysis, Robotics, Databases Information Systems, Educational Technology, Software Systems, Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction & Others.

Food & Nutrition Journals

International Journal of Food & Nutrition publishes; All Science of Nutrition, Community and Physiological Nutrition, Food Science, Food Composition, Household Size, Exchange Foodstuffs, Nutritional Adequacy, Nutrition Education, School Nutrition & Others.

Law Journals

International Journal of Law publishes; Comparative Law, Legal Psychology, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Discretionary Law, Business Law, Criminal Law, Dispute Law, Public Law, Lawyer, Notary, Formal Law, International Law, Jurisprudence & Others.

Engineering & Industry Journals

International Journal of Engineering & Industry publishes; Manufacturing Systems, Industrial Management, Industrial Systems, System Modeling, Logistics Systems, Power Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Project Management & Others.

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