About Us of Zambrut

About Us of Zambrut Journal Internasional

The International Journal of Zambrut seeks to improve and develop scientific fields throughout the world as an International Journal consisting of various academic fields. This includes a wide range of core subjects such as;
1) International Journal of Economics & Business (ISSN 2717-3151);
2) International Journal of Social, Politics & Humanities (ISSN 2797-3735);
3) International Journal of Law (ISSN 2731-3174);
4) International Journal of Engineering & Industry (ISSN 2191-3315);
5) International Journal of Biology, Physics & Matematics (ISSN 2721-3757);
6) International Journal of Agriculture & Agribusiness (ISSN 2391-3991);
7) International Journal of Health, Nursing, & Medicine (ISSN 2193-3715);
8) International Journal of Informatics, Technology & Computers (ISSN 2317-3793);
9) International Journal of Food & Nutrition (ISSN 2311-357X), and; others scope of journal.

International Journal of Zambrut

Zambrut does not depend on its kind which inspires the latest research work from the scope of the research mentioned. We encourage all categories of scientific fields from various fields of study to explore science in cross-cultural and subsequent innovations of the subject in question.

The International Journal of Zambrut aims at the creation, dissemination and rediscovery of knowledge, emphasized by the essence of extraordinary and innovative research work. Our multi-dimensional mission is to increase awareness and compatibility with the dynamics of the study area between scholars, academics, lecturers, professors, and researchers.

This not only covers all ideas from the main scientific fields, but also concentrates on every very small detail of the latest modifications and innovations from the sub-sciences. Zambrut strongly supports the consistency, rigidity and special tendency towards the relevant scientific subjects.

Zambrut Publishers are part of the Scientific Researcher Group which focuses on scientific development and scientific publications. Zambrut is a joint collaboration among researchers from the entire Globe.

Zambrut, Inc.

Zambrut, Inc.
International Journal of Zambrut.

American Office
Location; Austin, Texas, USA.
Address; S Lamar Blvd, No 57, TX 78745.

Singapore Office
Location; Novena, Singapore.
Address; Lornie Rd, No 19, NVA 31779.

Official email;
– zambrutjournal@gmail.com;
– editor@zambrut.com;
– admin@zambrut.com;
– zambrutjournal@zambrut.com.

For all Researcher “Thanks & Regard”.
The Managing Editor.
International Journal of Zambrut.
Zambrut, Inc.