Role of Technology Management in Construction Industry

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Published on International Journal of Engineering & Industry
ISSN: 2191-3315, Volume 1, Issue 1, page 1 – 13
Publication Date: 30 November 2018

Muhammad Abbas & M Saeed Lodhi

Muhammad Abbas
B-tech Civil Engineer, MS Project Management
COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus-Pakistan

M Saeed Lodhi
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences
COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus-Pakistan

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The aim of this research is to introduce the findings of a recent study on the use of Technology specifically that of information technology (IT) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province; located in North-West of Pakistan. The study was conducted through a structured questionnaire survey among 53 Government engineering construction departments executing most of the civil works in the province; represent about 51% of the total number of departments in the province. The details extracted from this study provided fruitful information about what information technology the engineers are using. What are the perceived benefits and obstacles considered by the users in the Construction Industry (CI) were. The survey finds that the Technology of IT had been widely used in CI organization of KP; it is mainly used to support various individual tasks of the engineer’s services at a basic level, rather than to stimulate the production of their services as whole through automation in the province CI. Most of the respondents strongly agreed/agreed that IT play a vital role in the engineering profession; about (96%) respondents agreed that IT can shorten the time of providing Quantity Survey (QS) but they had not taken complete advantage of technology to improve their performance in the industry. They want change but they are associated with the head of the organization. In addition, KP civil secretariat secretaries are the policy makers for all the engineering organizations to date there was no comprehensive policy, to develop and boost the use of IT within the organizations. It is recommended that the regional organization must recognize the importance and adaptation of IT so that the secretaries may take appropriate actions to meet challenges the organization are facing.

Keywords: Technology; Engineers, Quantity Surveying; Information Technology; Construction Industry; Pakistan.

1. Introduction
Sectors which are the main contributors to Pakistan Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and economy are services, mining, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing respectively. Construction industry (CI) plays an important social and economic role in country. While economic growth is analyzed through GDP and use as an indicator to economic growth. CI of Pakistan has less contribution in the world list, 50th in the rank. Cost overrun, time delays, quality and safety issues are menace to the industry. In these circumstances the industry should coup with issues from initiation stage of the projects tell closing stage. With globalization as demand increases things become fast, CI also demanding efficiency and potency in operational works.
Technology especially of Information Technology (IT) is proved as a best assistance and a key enabler to CI and using as a combating force which result in bringing economic boasting. Computers are now a vital part of all effective industries. Quantity Survey (QS) a major function of Engineer in public engineering departments it includes rough cost estimates, detailed estimates, bill of quantity formation, tendering and evaluation of the work done etc. Through survey we look the context of Pakistan CI, and try to find that how they are approaching toward Technology in QS. Because software applications, a useful technology tool can help Engineers to speed up their daily works. The objective to the study is to determine the level of usage in operating tasks. Identify technology software’s, the problems and benefits in using IT. And further more that how Pakistani CI Engineers cum QSs is moving with time toward IT.
The aim of construction activities is to build artifacts such as ports, roads, bridges, tunnels, and buildings etc. Civil Engineering artifacts differ from other manufacturing products, to be built in a location which is specific, rather than in factories (Bjork, 1999). Managing construction activities from initial stage of design through to the closing stage requires knowledge in each phase of the constructed facilities (Olanrewaju and Anahye, 2015). Ghandour and Al-Hussein (2004) described the impact of the economic reforms upon the CI, reveal the fundamental changes in the CI since the economic reform and explain the leading role of the CI in the country’s economic development. Impressive progress has been made by the CI and has developed at an amazing speed.
Technology management of IT has been given little attention within the CI in the past. As a result numerous IT solutions have been developed to act as a driver in the construction and design process. Remarkable changes have been experienced in past two decades in the CI of Australia and Asia-Pacific due to changing in industry and Technology ……….

2. Literature Review
In word today every country wants development in most of the sectors especially in those which amass economic and social rising in country. Some countries fail in planning and investment for Technology in the sector. Malaysia government is working on that and nudging down individual towards better management of technology of IT for achieving long term objectives to accomplish developing country status in 2020(Mastura et al., 2007). Within the CI technology management of IT should be developed and use as an enabler to the winder operational needs of the CI. IT use is growing rapidly and is expected to become the leading Technology for communication between organizations ……….