PER Alteration Culture Business Post – Pandemic Covid 19

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International Journal of Economics & Business
Publication Date: February, 2021

Serang Raya University

Journal Full Text PDF: PER Alteration Culture Business Post – Pandemic Covid 19 (Perspective Indonesia).

Abstract: Covid 19 virus that hit the world not only caused damage to the health and safety of the human soul but also had a very big impact on businesses in Indonesia. The impact of business is the decline in people’s purchasing power, the reduction in consumers to cause companies to fail and ultimately terminate employment. The aim is to find out the extent of the impact of Covid 19 to change the existing business culture in Indonesia. This study uses descriptive qualitative research in which research uses interview sources and the results are explored with a literature approach through the study of experts and other scientists. The results of the study explained that the pen businessman approach and approach are undergoing changes, especially in the areas of sales methods, approaching buyers and marketing strategies.

Keywords: Culture, business, covid 19.

1. Introduction
Covid 19 virus was initially spread in Wuhan China at the end of 2019 and finally spread throughout the world to this day the virus has infected as many countries in the world as many as 127 countries. Launch data from the Worldometers page Monday (7/7/2020), recorded 11,544,660 Until now, the total number of deaths caused by Covid-19 infection was as many as 536,346 cases. On Sunday (7/5/2020), the Indonesian Government announced again 1,607 new cases of corona virus, bringing the total number to 63,749.
The number of victims much akhi paint a mixed picture of every government to force her to take precautions in the extreme some countries use the system lockdown while Indonesia using the system PSBB (Large-Scale Social restricted) according to PERMENKES n o 9 2020 This rule was put into effect since April 3, starting from the DKI Jakarta area and finally gradually all regions in Indonesia adopted the PSBB.
This PSBB regulation finally limits human activities from working hours, use of public transportation, until the enforcement of trade restriction rules. Covid 19 and the PSBB rules have a very big impact on the business sector. 1. Demand and supply factors according to classical economists such as Adam Smith (1723-1790) prices in the market are determined by demand and supply According to Gregory Mankiw (2008) product demand can change if the price of the desired product rises, the demand decreases in the end. In the covid 19 case, the business sector experienced the impact of a reduction in the number of consumers due to large restrictions People do not leave the house for fear of contracting covid 19, the demand for offline products has decreased dramatically, but online demand has increased. besides that according to Gregory Mankiw also the demand will be reduced by the reduction in one’s income the reduction in community income because there is a reduction in income due to work from home so that salaries are not paid in full even until the termination of employment (PHK) ultimately reduces the people’s income meaning it also reduces the demand for goods and services on the market.
These PSBB rules make entrepreneurs choose different methods of trading before using them offline but at the time of the pandemic the entrepreneur shifted their sales online. Online sales are only in a few sectors such as education, training, fashion, fast food and other household necessities while the agricultural sector is not effective in using online methods. Sector is underway in accordance with the hu kum supply according to A wiliam D Paul Samuelson and Nordhaus (2002) that changes in supply due to the price of goods. The price of the goods themselves is influenced by factors of production prices, technology and community expectations.
Nowadays, with internet, small and medium entrepreneurs can market their products internationally, they can also buy raw materials from internationally to be resold in Indonesia by simply creating a website or by placing advertisements on internet sites without any time limit (24 hours), and of course only customers from all over the world can access the site and make transactions online.
If you are not able to create an online site, some sites such as open shanties, lazada, shopee, blibli and other sites also provide sales format so that it is easier to market.
Seller buyers are not limited anymore with distance and space plus the service of providing distribution of goods is very helpful in online sales such as JNE, JNT, TIKI, Express, and the supply of other goods
Changing the sales method to the online method also has its own problems, although some online transportation has been helped by increasing sales turnover, but online transportation itself does not fully operate effectively in this pandemic Entrepreneurs also do not all have online business capabilities whether this change is drastic again.
Cultural changes from offline to online methods must still be done, especially in business communication how to attract buyers who are usually done offline into online. Products that already have big names don’t really have a problem because they already have their own market share, but what about home industry companies and don’t have names.
Based on the background of the diatasa problem, the researcher will explore it in the research that was given the research title ” Changes in Business Culture After Post Covid 19 in the Indonesian Perspective “.
Formulation of the problem, based on the background of the problem above, the researcher formulated it in the formulation of the problem as follows:
a. What are the obstacles in the post covid 19 business strategy ?
b. How did good business communication post covid 19 spread in Indonesia?

2. Research Methods
This research method using qualitative methods of research using a search was untu determines the approach or remotely and centrally understand a phenomenon by way of interviewing the study participants or participants to ask questions in general and broad. Sources of data collected through interviews are then described in a description (description) then interpreted in depth. The deepening of this case can be done by the researchers themselves (Self-reflection) and then elaborated based on previous research by scientists either through literature studies or seeing journals that have been previously published. Creswell (2008)

3. Discussion of Theory and Research Results
1. Theoretical basis
Communication in language Ing g ris is communication, derived from the word commonicatio or from word comunis which means “equal” or “equal meaning” in other words communication gives understanding with the intention of changing minds, attitudes, behaviors, receiver and perform desired by the communicator According to Roben (2008 : 7 ) communication is a behavioral activity or the activity of delivering messages or information about thoughts or feelings. Communication is perception and appreciation.
Dedi Mulyana (2010: 68) in his book on communication theory, recruiting Theodore M.Newcomb: Communication is that every act of communication is seen as a transmission of information, consisting of discriminatory stimuli from the source to the recipient. In the same book also according to Gerald R.Miller. Communication occurs when a source conveys a recipient’s message with a conscious intention to influence the recipient’s behavior.
Then it can be concluded that communication is an activity carried out by two people to convey something positively and each message delivered is with the intention of influencing someone with the expected target
From the understanding of communication above, it can be concluded that there are several conditions for communication requirements, namely :
a. Sender (sender)
b. There Pes late to deliver (the message)
c. How to convey a message (delivery ch annel or media)
d. The answer from the recipient of the message (feedback).
To be able to develop the ability to communicate capable of influencing a person or the general public both professionally and professionally, there are several abilities that must be possessed such as:
a. Write
b. Read
c. Speak out
d. Hear
In the current 4.0 life, all of its activities use special technology, social media technology is progressing so rapidly we often use the above abilities such as the above writing and reading things as a means to write messages and read messages either through Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Instagram and social media. the other In daily life we also often communicate well with family and with other people around us, but in communication that is professional as well as the public communication skills in addition to the above abilities must also be added to the right character so that people know what our identity is like personal integrity such as honesty, commitment and responsibility. Stephen covey
Barriers factors that often occur in the world of communication are as follows:
1. Technical Barriers
Technical barriers are obstacles that often occur due to the environment or nature does not require communication activities such as rain. In this advanced technology world, for example, messages cannot be delivered because of technological factors such as signal availability or applications that are not owned. But in a sophisticated world like this the reason for technological failure is not so long ago it may be a disaster factor that is blocking this obstacle.
2. Semantic barriers
Semantic is the similarity of language messages in the world of education must also harmonize languages according to their times. Children of the 80s must have a different language from children in 2000, what if they were millennial nowadays, language changes must be very different.
3. Human Obstacles
These obstacles often occur because of problems from personal life problems or even from other lives that ultimately result in failure to communicate. According to Cruden and Sherman, these obstacles include the following things. Obstacles originating from differences in individual human beings, such as differences in perceptions of both cultural views, ethnicity age, geography status, listening skills, information search information filtering.
According to Purwanto (2006: 4), the notion of business communication that is communication used in the business world, includes various forms of communication, both verbal and non-verbal communication to achieve certain goals. Basically, business communication is divided into two things, namely verbal communication and non-verbal communication.
According to Katz (1994: 4), Business Communication is defined as the existence of an exchange of ideas, messages and concepts related to achieving a series of commercial goals. Business communication can be interpreted as communication that occurs in the business world in order to achieve the objectives of the business
But in business communication is not just communication but there is a persuasive communication that ultimately invites others to buy what we promote or sell. For this reason, a message or information that is conveyed should meet 7 requirements or also known as 7C, namely:
1. Completeness
That is where all messages are delivered in a fairly complete form of detail so that the business promotions we want to convey are received by the buyers. For example in business communication starting from the smallest spec must be delivered.
2. Conciseness (Brief)
The message that can be said to be concise is a message that contains short, concise words, but the information is sufficient, therefore the ability above must be added with experience, which is experience how to promote goods in the world network.
3. Consideration
Delivering must be delivered based on careful consideration, such as time, emotions and even the use of words that do not offend others.
4. Concreteness
The delivery of the message must be complete clear and unchanging, even if there are changes must be delivered within the time lag so that customers are able to accept changes.
5. Clarity
The sales message must be done through language that is easy to understand and not so many interpretations that the business can be understood clearly.
6. Courtesy
Even though the world of networking can do things as they please, if in communication the business must be done through politeness, according to the local culture so that our presence is easily accepted.
7. Correctness
Submission of information must be conveyed through caution before making any publication so that the information we convey must be in accordance with the facts.
The rapid development of technology, allows people to communicate through a variety of media. The challenge going forward is not just selling the company’s products & services, but how to convey the message that the products or services offered can benefit many people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and so on. The process of delivering the message or information, can be done in one direction, such as through electronic media or print media can also be done in a two-way (interactive) through a network of internet.

4. Discussion
The use of the internet in Indonesia is already popular enough to be used as a business interactive media but there are still many business actors who do not understand how to communicate business through this latest technology network so that opportunities and business opportunities in the network world are still very wide open to the general public. Post covid 19 spread in Indonesia awareness will be the importance of the use of network or Internet media in developing growing businesses plus the environmental situation is not conducive to doing sales contested gah offline pandemic make people choose substituting for them to survive especially for small businesses.
The reasons faced by network or online entrepreneurs are the following reasons:
a. Trust Issues
There are still many Indonesians who do not believe in the truth of this online sale because there are still many who are afraid to be deceived both in terms of money and goods because it does not match the information provided. will not buy any more items that we sell there is worse that our accounts are reported and finally all our good names can no longer be used
b. Payment Issues
Payment is related to trust and therefore payment guarantees must also be made Guarantee payment is usually done by buying and selling application therefore if we are worried about going to the payment problems would that transaction is also done through the application not only through our social media alone. The 7c characters that fall into this category are concret, so if they are not able to do a good job, the money must be returned to the customer immediately.
c. Problem product info;
This doubt arises, because prospective consumers cannot directly see the goods being sold, so besides being unsure of the quality of the products offered also doubts the truth.
The majority of consumers in Indonesia still feel safer and more comfortable in doing transactions by way of direct two- way interaction.
d. Quite a lot of competitors from all aspects of sales at lower prices because they could have brought goods not from within the country but imported from abroad (import)
The change from offline to online communication must be balanced with good business communication. Research conducted by researchers on good communication that must be carried out when a pandemic is as follows:
1. Price
a. for some specific products more suitably offered via the internet should be cheaper considering that making the site on the internet cheaper than compared with offline prices therefore the price survey both offline and prices with competitors online online must be seen not to make our prices more expensive compared to the price of the same product.
b. Transaction via the internet is always going to be followed by the delivery of goods to the service at the customer. use a fast and cheap order delivery and have good integrity so that it can reduce prices and make our products cheaper.
c. Show prices clearly often researchers see traders do not list the actual price then when someone asks is usually answered through a personal application. According to researchers this is a mistake according to the concept earlier that all must be displayed clearly and in complete detail.
2. Services
This service is divided into the following sections:
a. Digital communication
Digital communication must be focused in accordance with the hours that have been determined by us in the media promotion. Every information requested must be answered immediately so that there is no delay in the answer, usually the customer will immediately move to look for other items with a very fast response, therefore the business in the online world must focus.
b. Delivery service
Delivery services must choose besides being cheap, the seller must also choose delivery services that always deliver the goods on time. Customers in this era require punctuality and a little late speed will eventually damage the reputation of our company.
c. Delivery time
Delivery time must be clearly conveyed if it exceeds work time it will be shipped tomorrow or if the purchase is made on Friday then it is informed that the goods will be sent on Monday according to the delivery service business hours
d. Service guarantee
The problem when selling online is sometimes not only sold but also sometimes by delivery services. Suppose the missing items after they are sent to a delivery service then the consequences certainly at the time of any replacement would require an additional so as to make the customer disappointed. Then the guarantee is the return of money to the customer even though in the end the goods will arrive at the customer must be part of the risk management that must be accepted by the seller.

3. Promotion / marketing
Marketing Management according to Philip Kotler ( 1996: 14) “Marketing Management is the process of planning and implementing conceptions, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to produce exchanges that meet individual and organizational goals”.
The main engine is promotion in online media but with the rapid development now promotion is very easy to do anywhere at any time with the media of smartphones and the internet. The ease with which this promotion ultimately makes the seller has the following errors:
1. Promotion uses a personal account
At the beginning of marketing if the facilities have not been met to have a business account or separate sales using a smartphone specifically for sales. But if you already have a trade it would be nice personal activities or personal complaints are not always raised into the personal account. Often the researcher sees them selling on the other hand he is complaining, making people uninterested in the complaint.
2. Promotion must be according to courtesy
Promotion though it can be easily how good the sale is not done at any time or any day. Researchers often find promotions done every day usually through a personal broadcast account. The private broadcast finally makes people also not interested in buying or seeing seller promotions.
3. Involvement to one party or partial
The warmth of Indonesian politics also affects our warmth in our society as an extreme compartmentalized box. Therefore, if the promotion using a personal account, it would be better not to promote certain parties or ethnic groups. It is different if our products are partial but if our products are general then these things must be shunned by the sellers on their social media
4. Promotion starts from itself
Promotion is a good thing to start from ourselves, often we promote certain items, but the seller himself does not have even do not use it. So the comfortable and delicious benchmark is ourselves and the environment closest to ourselves such as family or residents around us so that the sales target will be very fast because we already have a brand image.
5. Promotion with give away
This promotional fund must also be allocated in this online give away business while promoting the items we will sell, we can set aside from the sales bonus. Especially resellers more often use bonuses for resellers who meet the target. This will add people interested in our sales account.
6. Promotion with a short language and has an attractive tagline so that customers can easily remember our sales

5. Conclusion
From the results of the above research it can be concluded that the changes that occur after covid 19 in the first business is a change in the method carried out from off line to go online. Changes in the culture of communication that are usually offline into online must also adjust to what is done in the community so that it can increase sales turnover. Changes also occur in the approach to the customer strategy so that sales and promotions can be accepted by the seller All these changes can be concluded that the communication of all changes is still within the scope of communication, especially business communication.

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