Zambrut Methodology

Zambrut Methodology is all methodologies used by Zambrut in writing, publishing, indexing and positive impact of the International Journal published in Zambrut. Zambrut International Journal has a different methodology than other International Journals, We do it because we want to satisfy users, writers and researchers in Zambrut. The methodology of Zambrut is very logical and not difficult, because science is created for that, science is used not to make it difficult for others to have a particular interest. However, it is used and used to provide benefits and solutions to problems and a better future.


Methods of Writing Zambrut International Journals;

  • Writing and numbering the names of researchers using 1, 2, 3, 4. This is to determine the value of researchers from published journals;
  • Use 2 names of researchers. The first name in black print is your real name without a title. The second name in black and not thick print is your name along with titles like MSc, Dr, PhD, Ass Prof and Prof. ;
  • Writing Journal uses Times New Roman size 12. This is the easiest size to read, not too small. We do not want your eyes to be damaged when viewing and reading is too small, such as the use of letters size 10 and 9;
  • Journal does not use 2 columns of writing, so that sentences written by researchers can be easily understood and read by all users and readers; .
  • Journal pages submitted and published are without limitation or free as many pages submitted. Function is an understanding so that readers understand more about published papers; .
  • Journal method is flexible. Flexible, its function is to make it easier for writers or researchers to write their papers as needed. However, it must be adapted to the function that published papers and journals can be understood by the readers. .

Top contributor method;

  • The method of assessment for top contributors in Zambrut is different in each journal published because of the consideration of the number of authors and researchers in the journal;
  • The Zambrut team limits the number of authors to 4 authors in 1 journal. 4 authors are logical and reasonable. Whereas, if in 1 journal published more than 4 writers such as 5 to 7 writers then it is unreasonable and illogical. It is illogical to weigh the level of difficulty and perfection of the Journal published;
  • Scoring is an assessment score for a journal published for authors in 1 journal;
  • If 1 journal is published there is 1 writer then the value is 1. If 1 journal is published there are 2 authors then the value of the first author is 0.6 and the second author is 0.4. If 1 journal is published there are 3 authors, then the value of the first author is 0.5; the second author is 0.3; the third author is 0.2. If 1 journal is published there are 4 authors, then the value of the first author is 0.4; the second author is 0.3; the third author is 0.2; the fourth author is 0.2.

Method of publishing Zambrut International Journal;

  • Zambrut provides a free publication policy for all writers and researchers from developing countries so that journals can be published and have a positive impact on all people in the world. Many researchers and researchers from developing countries have not been able to publish International Journals because financing of publications is expensive;
  • Zambrut provides a publication policy that only writers and researchers from developed countries are required to provide contributions or article processing fees. This serves as support for developing country researchers to get free publications in Zambrut;
  • Zambrut provides an easy article submission policy for all researchers. Ease of submitting is logical because researchers and writers want to share knowledge through published journals. We make it easier for more researchers to join Zambrut in future knowledge sharing;
  • Rapid publication process, rapid publication process or fast publishing is carried out so that researchers are not saturated in waiting for publication. The editorial team understands that you are busy teaching as a lecturer, studying as a student, earning a living for the family and others. Publishing quickly is more efficient and effective, you can work actively after the International Journal publishing process in Zambrut.

Indexing method for Zambrut International Journals;

  • Zambrut doesn’t work together with Journal Directories, We only work hard for search engines. Logically, you search for journals as references through search engines not from Journal Directories;
  • Zambrut is an independent organization or company trying to index various search engines. It functions that many people search for journals as references from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandek, Yahoo and others;
  • Fast indexing is a method used by Zambrut in distributing all journals published on search engines to be quickly found in search engines and get the benefits of indexing them;
  • Indexing search engines has more opportunities, when your International Journal is published on Zambut. This will be more useful and your Journal will be widely used as a reference by academics and practitioners in the World;
  • The Zambrut team will try to get the published Journal ranked number 1 on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandek, Ask, Yahoo and others. Many readers and search journals as references through search engines.

Impact factor method of Zambrut International Journal;

  • Zambrut impact factor method is different from other international journals because of many similarities and not according to us. Think logically, researchers and writers publish their journals for 5 years and only get less than 10 cite factors that are funny. In fact, in fact the published journals have been read by hundreds or even thousands of people from all over the world. Is there no positive impact? There must be a positive impact from the Journal published and read;
  • Zambrut impact factor method uses the value of journal visits per category. Search visits or journal readers are important because the Journal is read and used as a reference. Of course, the visit value is in nominal value. The value of the reader impact factor is the value given by visitors and readers of published journals. Reader impact factor is shaped as a star and has a rating of 1 – 5. 1 is not good and 5 is very good;
  • The value of reader visits in each month is summed and shared in certain categories. The value of the reader impact factor is summed and averaged over a given month or period. The value of visits divided by the value of reader impact factor is the result of Zambrut absolute impact factors for each category of Journal published;
  • Zambrut impact factors are different in every month for 1 year. This is a tangible result of the large number of search visits and readers of the Journal published in Zambrut every month. In addition, the reader impact value is a different factor in each reader and the value of the journal is given.

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