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This is a form of consistency from all Zambrut Publisher work teams. We call for paper or journal, provide information on the scope of the journal published, and inform the payment fee to publish the journal in the International Journal of Zambrut. We call for paper, you can submit your paper! Zambrut Journal is online journal submission. For all countries in Africa and some countries in Asia, America and Oseania is FREE publication fees or FREE submission paper to journal (International Journal). International Journal of Zambrut The International Journal of Zambrut invites all academics, lecturers, professors, practitioners and researchers from around the world to publish the results of research, reviews, proceedings, conferences, theses, antithesis, novelty and findings. Researchers can easily publish in the International Journal of Zambrut. Zambrut publishers welcomed, tried fast in peer-reviewed, quickly published journals sent to us, and conducted quick indexing on search engines and indexing other scientific journals. We strongly support the process of international journal publishing quickly. Zambrut publication has the scope of the scientific field, but is not limited to what has been written by the editor. We are very grateful and welcome the journal that has been sent by academics, lecturers, professors, practitioners, and researchers from all over the world. The types of articles submitted are research papers, review papers, survey papers, theses, antithesis, proceedings, conferences, novels, findings, informative articles, case studies, comparative studies, dissertation chapters, research proposals or synopsis, and others.

Call for Paper to Journal

New information and suggestion;

  • Call for Paper to journal for August 2019;
  • Fast publication per day, rapid publication process & daily Published;
  • Real globally indexed journal;
  • Low article publication charge for Authors (Affordable & Only for Developed countries);
  • Alls free submission paper or journal;
  • Free for peer review process;
  • Simple submission by online submission paper or email;
  • FREE publication fee for all Africa, some countries in Asia, America and Oseania;
  • You can share your paper or journal on your social media with click social buttons; facebook, google+ and twitter;
  • Enjoy the day after research process, writing paper, simple submission, fast peer review, information accepted or revised and waiting for publication the International Journal.

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Submit and publishing paper to journal at International Journal of Zambrut!

How do you publish papers in international journals?
Submit your paper according to the Document to edit and publish the International Journal in Zambrut. The paper submitted is the final paper to be published.

Why is the final paper
The peer review process is expected as soon as possible, and publication can be done after the peer review process is approved.

Fast process?
We will speed up the publication because we will not make the process of waiting for publication for a long time, we guarantee your satisfaction.

What type of paper?
Paper in accordance with the scientific scope of international journals in Zambrut. We don’t need a good and perfect journal, but we consider journals that are useful for the academic community and practitioners in the world.

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International Journal of Zambrut Publishes;

  • International Journal of Economics & Business (ISSN 2717-3151);
  • International Journal of Social, Politics & Humanities (ISSN 2797-3735);
  • International Journal of Law (ISSN 2731-3174);
  • International Journal of Engineering & Industry (ISSN 2191-3315);
  • International Journal of Biology, Physics & Matematics (ISSN 2721-3757);
  • International Journal of Agriculture & Agribusiness (ISSN 2391-3991);
  • International Journal of Health, Nursing, & Medicine (ISSN 2193-3715);
  • International Journal of Informatics, Technology & Computers (ISSN 2317-3793);
  • International Journal of Food & Nutrition (ISSN 2311-357X),
  • International Journal of Teaching and; others scope of journal (Information on Call for Paper).
  • International Journal of Teaching & Education (ISSN 2653-6579);
  • International Journal of Art, Language & Linguistics (ISSN 2653-6676);
  • International Journal of Forestry & Plantation (ISSN 2656-6176);
  • International Journal of Earth Science (ISSN 2656-6133) and; others scope of journal (Information on Call for Paper).

Zambrut publishers also gave policy to researchers who wanted to publish their journal in the International Journal of Zambrut. Authors and researchers send papers or journals by submitting online papers to journals.

Global Indexed Journals

We want to make impact on your paper or journal on search engines. You can “search on search engine”, and find your paper or journal. We focus journal indexing in real terms on search engines that are often accessed by many people from all countries in the world. On average all academics and practitioners from all countries in the world, look for references and read journals from search engines, not special directories. Search engines are open and free access, we try to do more precise indexing through search engines.

International Journal of Zambrut, automatically indexed by 64 more search engine [Revised, May 7, 2019]. Real Indexed by Google; Yahoo; Bing; SwissCows; Yandex; SearchEncrypt; Aol; Ecosia; Qwant; HotBot; DuckDuckGo; GoSearchResults; Wow; Yandex; Dogpile; Lilo; Info; MetaCrawler; InfoSpace; StartPage; Ask; MyWay; Avast; WebCrawler; Excite; Teoma; Handy-tab; Goo; Orange; Vinden; T-online; Onet; Centrum; Directhit; So-net; Nortonsafe; Oscobo; Simpli; Seznam; Easysearch; Informationvine; Volny; Enow.; Zapmeta; Carrot2; Internet-Start; Scholar Google; Looksmart; Kvasir; Parseek; Gibiru; Search; 4search; Fireball; MetaGer; GlamorBank; Fresheye; Biglobe; Alldbx; SearchLock; SearchEngine; AlltheInternet; EntireWeb.

Index and impact, many people can find your paper or journal on search engine. Many academics and practitioners from all countries in the world, search for journals through search engines. Zambrut tried to give the right direction in indexing. All search engines registered at Zambrut are open access and free access. All international journals published in Zambrut can be found, read, and used as references by those who search on search engines. The impact of journal publications published in Zambrut will be automatically found in search engines around the world. We don’t really care about the impact value of the journal because it’s not too real and significant, but we still respect that. We will do our best in indexing, distributing journals that have been published in Zambrut. Everyone in the world can read international journals published in Zambrut.

Article Publication Charge: NO FEES

We discuss and determine the financing of scientific journal publications. Publication financing is different for every country in the world. Publication fees journal are very affordable. Zambrut was indeed consistent in increasing his scientific role and trying to represent the limitations of financing the expensive publication of papers or journals. We hope your journal can be published in the International Journal because of its wide reach and network. We hope to contribute to the World and you too. In addition, the International Journal will give the author the impression of prestige, and a better impression for yourself, the Department and the University. Let’s publish a journal in the International Journal of Zambrut. We facilitate journal publication quickly with affordable and cheapest publication funding in the world.

Free submission international journal or publication fees is FREE for all Countries in the World (Afganistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Dem. Rep., Cote d’Ivoire, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kiribati, Kyrgyz Republic, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nigeri, Pakistan, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Rep. & Zambia [Revised, August 7, 2019].

Article Publication Charge: HELP OTHERS RESEARCHERS

If your country is not registered as free submission paper or free publication journal at Zambrut, then this should give you a sense of pride because it can help others. You must make a donation or obligation fees for your international journal publication at Zambrut.

All journalists are the same publishers, but in the future we will win because we can reach the whole world. We are not too looking for money, because we are implementing a donation system. Journal publication financing is the same as donations, for all countries in the world. We want to contribute to the world community and you are the same.

Think 1000 times to publish international journals in expensive online submission journals. Where are your contributions? If your funds are $ X.XX or $ X.XXX is donated through payment of journal publications it will be very valuable to us. We use a balance system, where developed countries will sustain developing countries.

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