The Use Social Media as a Medium of Internet Marketing

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Published on International Journal of Economics & Business
Publication Date: June, 2019

Elok Purwasih, Mahmud Samsudin, Anggoro Susilo & Ririn Ria Mahmudah
Ma’arif Hasyim Latif University, Sidoarjo
Wiraraja University, Sumenep
Gempol College of Economics, Pasuruan

Journal Full Text PDF: The Use Social Media as a Medium of Internet Marketing.

This study describes an online boutique marketing communications strategy in Surabaya via facebook. Facebook is a social network that is most widely used in the world, even according to the survey results Global Monitor. Indonesia is a country with the largest Facebook users in Asia and Australia. Developments facebook now used not only as a medium of communication, but it has penetrated into the world of marketing, one of the boutiques online. Fashion is a thing to be and always takes people. Thus the online boutiques become very popular. With characteristic facebook open on all users led to competition among marketers. Competition is a challenge for online shop owners to be able to compete fairly with existing competitors. One of the efforts is to determine the right marketing communication strategy. This study used a qualitative approach to obtain data about the wealth of online boutique marketing communications strategy in Surabaya via facebook. Researchers determine the online boutique 5 as the object of study using purposive random sampling. This research used direct observation to see the online boutique marketing communications activities selected and in-depth interviews (in-depth interviews) to mengkroscek dilakukan.Hasil observations of this study indicate that internet marketing is able to facilitate the application of tools in an integrated promotional mix, and different by conventional means. Next is a boutique online marketing using the tools of advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing.

Keywords: Marketing communications strategy, online boutique, facebook.

1. Background
The focus of this research is the online boutique marketing communications strategy in Surabaya via facebook. Primarily done by the owner of an online boutique in Surabaya are using Facebook as a media campaign, and do not have a retail store. The development of communication technology in Indonesia has reached the age of Internet-based technology, in which the use of the Internet became a common thing that online shopping in any promotional activities are no longer limited to the conventional media, but also through modern media, namely the Internet. “Modern marketing requires more than just a good product development, attractive pricing, and availability for the consumer target. Companies also need to communicate with consumers, and the subject is communicated must open up opportunities “, (Machfoedz, 2010:1). In accordance expressed by Machfoedz (2010), modern marketing, or marketing of today is no longer simply specify common things such as product, pricing and distribution is a mix of economic, but also the company must establish communications with consumers. Companies must understand who their customers (target market), so what can be communicated in accordance with the characteristics of consumers. Once marketers can determine the things above correctly, then it can be seen how berpromosinya. There are many means of promotion that can be used by marketers in marketing their products, namely advertising (advertising), direct sales (direct marketing), sales promotion (sales promotion), personal selling (personal selling), public relations (PR), and internet marketing. Overall the promotional tools can be integrated with either, because each facility has its advantages and disadvantages. If all of them are united and integrated properly, it will create an integrated marketing concept which makes the sale more effectively and efficiently (Machfoedz, 2010). In the development of marketing communications internet marketing is a means of emerging discussed, and used in the whole area. Even the development of the Internet even from year to year increasing its worldwide including Indonesia, where growth increased an average of 3 million users in the last 10 years (Nugraha:2007). With the growth rate of Internet users in Indonesia that have increased each year, the online shopping services also increased following the growing interest in shopping online. According growth trend in 2010 is quite significant. In fact, according to the Nielsen Global Online Survey 2007, showed 51 per cent of the population of Internet users never to shop online. “As a developing country, Indonesia can become a potential market for sales via the Internet, “Said Executive Director of Client Solutions at Nielsen Indonesia Catherine Eddy said in a press statement” Asia-Pacific Nielsen Online Shopping Survey “. Therefore, he believes the access of online shopping in Indonesia will grow gradually (Nielsen Wire:2010). Because of the demands of human life today’s fast-paced, especially people in big cities who have a variety of needs with limited time to shop, online shopping has become one of the alternatives. This is supported by statements Kotler (2007:5), the current market developments:especially people in big cities who have a variety of needs with limited time to shop, online shopping has become one of the alternatives. This is supported by statements Kotler (2007:5), the current market developments:especially people in big cities who have a variety of needs with limited time to shop, online shopping has become one of the alternatives. This is supported by statements Kotler (2007:5), the current market developments:

“There is a substantial disconnection intermediary chain from the wholesaler to the retailer caused by electronic trading. Virtually all the products currently available without having to visit a store, “(Kotler, 2007:5).

Based on the Kotler statement we can see that with the Internet (electronic), we can find all the products on the Internet without having to go to the store, even up on food and household appliances can now also be found on the internet.

“Catalogs are printed at a high cost to have disappeared. Business transactions over the Internet has increased even faster than consumer transactions
on line” (Kotler 2007:5).

Further explaining about benefits, Kotler (2007), buy goods and services via the Internet has become a routine of today’s consumers. Marketers can market their products more effectively and efficiently through the internet. The marketers do not need to spend money to promote the use of brochures, catalogs, pay employees, etc., because consumers now prefer to see the ads, marking the sites that they like, and would prefer to throw brochures marketers provide. It is also stated by Kotler (2007:7) that the mass TV advertising has been substantially reduced by the presence of 500 channels. Number of print media such as newspapers and magazines drastically reduced. On the other hand, marketers can target their marketing more effectively with online advertisements in magazines online. “Fever online shopping is not new, but the benefits of online shopping more convenient and faster. Moreover, today there are term time more valuable than money “, (YorisSebastian:2009) .Ternyata business through online media by Pavlick (1996:250) has existed since 1994. In fact, according Yoris Sebastian, who is the Chief Creative Officer of OMG Consulting, now this time is more valuable compared with the money. Therefore the presence of online shopping, people can save their time. So that the remaining time they can use to find additional money.

2. The use facebook as a medium of Internet Marketing
Internet today is not only used as a medium of information and communication alone but has penetrated into the world of marketing. It is caused by many factors which influence them in the decision. Similarly, the informants of this study, they are small-scale entrepreneurs who use the Internet as a media campaign. Use of the Internet in business by Fransisca (nd) changes the function of which is as a tool to exchange information electronically into a tool for the application of the business strategy, such as:marketing, sales, and customer service. Marketing on the internet tend to penetrate obstacles, the limits of the nation, and no standard rules. This is caused by the globalization era that influence the internet. Globalization results in the boundaries between the State’s business with one another more and more invisible. The influence of globalization is apparently also helps online boutique owners in expanding their market. This was experienced by I5 where using the internet, especially Facebook, he may feel has customers from various countries, that in fact if he does not use the Internet media would be difficult. The blurring of the boundaries of the State in the context of world trade, has consequences for the wider competition and a shift of power producer to consumer (Simatupang, 1996:46). Therefore, competition is getting tougher, because it is no longer a producer who has the power in the world of marketing, but consumers, where consumers have enormous power to determine which products they will use. Based on these reasons, the marketers are required increasingly innovative in creating a unique business, and creative in order to be accepted by consumers. Internet has some appeal and advantages for consumers and organizations, because the Internet is also an electronic media that support e-commerce and experiencing rapid growth. Thus the use of the Internet as a marketing medium is not foreign, because of the advantages that are owned, as well as other factors which turned out to be seen also by the informant, where they choose to use the internet as their promotional media. Facebook is one social media such as social networking, not paid and have a lot of fans.(2007) said that jsocial ejaring is one of the social social media.Jejaring is a container that is focused on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations community that shares pleasures or activities. In accordance with the proposed Boyd, through facebook users can create their profiles with photos, favorite lists, contact information and other personal information. Based on the personal information and the pleasure of each user, the online boutique owners utilize the facility as proposed by I2 that in looking for segmenting he searched for people to join in a community of lovers of thrift, or another online boutique page. In real life, it may be necessary to visit certain places of the community to get the market, and take a long time to get it anyway.

“Social media describes the online tools that people used to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, and media itself, Thus facilitiating online conversations and interactions between groups of people,” (Solis in Tsauris:2009).

Besides being able to find out through the personal information of each user, we can also find out what they like from conversations and interactions with others, without having to be embarrassed at being caught eavesdropping or peeping others, because through social media people may not share their opinions, experiences, etc. and is open.
Social media as disclosed NavinoT (2009) has some unique characteristics, which change most of the views and the old paradigm. And these characteristics helped many online boutique owners in marketing their products. The first social media ismedia democracy, which facilitates facebook users to create and disseminate information freely.
So that the users can create and disseminate whatever information they want. Similarly, the online boutique owners, online boutique owners revealed that Facebook helps them promote freely.The second is bangkitnya amateur, where not only the big traders that can succeed in the world of commerce, but the small traders can pursue his career and has a great market only through facebook. This is particularly felt by which he states that the capital was minimal although he could achieve huge profits only through facebook. Thus the online boutiques on facebook more and more.The third is a new way for facebook collaborate, where the advertising they do not need a very large cost, and no need to use an advertising agency to advertise their products saying that by posting photos, share photo album and links, a free promotion for them. The latter is the komunikasi fast. It can not be denied that with facebook promotional efforts did the online boutiques can be quickly passed on to all users who become friends. And when they like the product being advertised by their online boutique owners will happily refer friends.
“On average they dateng own, know of friends, or those rich types who like searching online I shop so, “recognition. Social media remove the boundaries of human untukbersosialisasi, limitations of space and time, with social media is human is possible to communicate with each other wherever they are and at any time, no matter how far apart they are, and no matter day or night (Rustian:2012). The above characteristics are also recognized by the owner of an online boutique. Distance is not a barrier for them to sell, even reaching the realm of foreign markets claim that he never served the delivery of goods to five other countries besides Indonesia, the following statement:I5:”I’ve sent me a to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand at Austria.” Distance is not a barrier because in their online boutique businesses do not send the goods themselves or the consumers take the goods. They usually charge a shipping agent or courier delivery. These costs are passed on to consumers. If you have to go abroad any fees charged automatically great, even I5 revealed that the shipping cost is much more expensive compared to the price of the goods themselves. Based on the above it can be seen that very helpful facebook online boutique owners in marketing their products. Both in identifying and seeking market segmentation, to facilitate in terms of features that support them in the Promotion.

3. Conclusion
Based on the results of research on “Marketing Communication Strategy Boutique Online Through Facebook” in this thesis, the researcher can formulate the following conclusion:
o Advertising they use to provide all the information about the products they offer so that Facebook users are aware of the products that are being marketed. Similarly, the conventional way of advertising is used to gain public awareness. On facebook advertising done through status, and photos. Status updates are usually done to inform that there is a new product that has been uploaded, when they have a program such as a discount or clearance (sales promotion), provides information on delivery services, etc. While the photos they use to illustrate to consumers about the products they offer. Once uploaded they are usually advertised in the form of the use of the display picture.
o Sales promotion done to attract attention of the audience and to encourage purchases. Based on the results of this research sales promotion done on certain occasions such as Eid, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Birthday and Valentine’s boutiques. In addition to these events sales promotion carried out during the online boutique has items that have not been sold so they put a special price in order not to lose. However, there is also a sales promotion continuously to satisfy customers. Sales promotion is done in the form of discounts / special price, and the release of postage. Media used to inform this activity is a status, photo caption and photo albums. They do normally is to tell the facebook users through status,
o Public Relations is used to build relationships between boutique owners and consumers with a way of communicating that is conducted continuously raises the image of the boutique itself. Tool is what is considered most effective by all informants. So some online boutique also strengthen their image with the logo, because the logo indicates the identity of an online boutique that they have. Media used as a forum for public relations activities are the wall, logos, chat and message. Such media are used to interact so that communication with consumers continue to walk that raises closeness. Proximity built will indirectly lead to trust, so that people are not afraid to buy goods in their online boutique. Sponsorship activities can be done through internet marketing,
o Direct Marketing is similar to the conventional way of direct marketing carried out more focused, namely by promoting direct line with the target. In this case the online boutique owners find facebook strongly support this activity with their photo tagging facility. Tagging pictures done so that consumers are aware and can then immediately react / comment on the photo. Because Facebook users are not always online so often when marketers upload photo or status of a few people or even potential prospects do not see it, therefore they choose to do so at any photo tagging when they go online to find out the products offered. Besides other media used to carry out this activity is wall, chat, and message.
o Personal selling via the Internet is different from the conventional media, where traditional or conventional personal selling is done face to face, but through the Internet they do not have to meet. Personal selling is done by online shop owners only when they know their consumers. Not all consumers they know, there they are familiar with because it is their friends in the real world, but also that they know over time from the interaction of marketers and consumers. Consumers who they know is usually a fixed or consumers loyal consumers, so often they communicate online lead boutique owners understand the true taste of the consumer. In contrast to the direct marketing targeting certain people with random way, personal selling more focused and personalized. Also personal selling activities they do to add to their proximity to the consumer. and media used in the conduct of personal selling is a wall, chat and message of personal nature.

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