Zambrut Agency for Indonesian Authors and Researchers

Zambrut has set the International Journal Publication Obligation Fee for Authors from Indonesia to Lingga Kencana. All Authors and Researchers from Indonesia will be assisted and facilitated in the payment process. The obligation for International Journal publication fees in Zambrut for Indonesia is Rp. 1,000,000 IDR or $ 80 USD (*Revised; August 19, 2019). The Zambrut Agency will facilitate payment through a Local Bank (ATM or Internet Banking at Bank Negara Indonesia – BNI) & the Journal will be published after payment is complete. All authors and researchers from Indonesia must use the Zambrut Agency for Indonesian Authors, the negotiation process has been completed. Article publication charge by Agency to reduce expensive bank administration rates. All Zambrut Journals from Indonesia are assistance originating from Lingga Kencana.
*The information also relates to the page “Submit Jurnal Paper Indonesia Jurnal Zambrut“.

Lingga Kencana is Most Contributor at International Journal of Zambrut

The registered bank address is;
*Bank Name, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI);
*Account Number, 0739208080;
*Account Holder Name, LINGGA KENCANA;
*Article Publication Charge for Indonesian Authors, Rp. 1,000,000. IDR (*Revised; August 19, 2019).

Agency for Indonesian Zambrut

Thanks to Lingga Kencana for helping to facilitate obligation fees from Indonesian and reduce administrative fees for transferring expensive banks abroad (*it is not recommended to transfer banks abroad because administrative fees are very expensive).

(*Lingga Kencana is the Most Contributing Certificate holder in Zambrut from Indonesia)

Best Regards,
James William.
The Managing Editorial Staff.
International Journal of Zambrut.
Zambrut, Inc.
Austin, Texas, USA.