International Journal of Economics & Business

International Journal of Economics & Business

We grouping all international economic and business journal publications published by Zambrut. The International Journal of Zambrut has a variety of economies and businesses. It has been explained in the Call for Paper. However, the scope of the fields of economics and business continues to grow, in accordance with new findings. We will continue to receive various fields of economics and business from all universities and departments in the world. Zambrut is dedicated and contributes to the economic and business fields. If there are several economic and business journals then they can be submitted by submit paper to journal at Zambrut.

Publication of international economic and business journals at Zambrut, uncomplicated and affordable publication fees because we use a system based on research results. You as academics and practitioners can publish research that is an economic and business journal in Zambrut. We continue to publish economic and business journals from all countries in the world, and distribute journals published on search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others. Distribute to certain directories like Google Scholar and others. Keep trying to provide quick indexing so that journals published in Zambrut can be found in search engines and directories. From the submission process to publication, we call it a day of service so that all academics and practitioners who want to publish their journals at Zambrut feel calm, not waiting long and still satisfied with Zambrut services. We are waiting for your economic journal to be published in the International Journal of Zambrut.

The cost of international journal economic and business publications at Zambrut is affordable and corresponds to the publication fees based on a particular method, low publication fee (affordable fee) (depending on the list of countries that have been specified in the journal publication fees). This is affordable, and we will take care of your journal so that it is widely read by all academics and other practitioners from around the world and has a good impact on the lives of the world community. Think 1,000 times to publish international journals in the delivery of online journals that provide a price policy of up to $ X.XX to $ X.XXX. That is not a contribution. Contributing to the world is that we can share with a reasonable value, helping developing countries so that academics and practitioners from all countries in the world can publish their journals to international journals. They will get the same rights in academics and economics and business science.

Economic Scope & Business Journal; Accounting & Taxation, Educational Administration, International Business, Business, Economics & Management (General), Marketing Management, Development Economics, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Economic History, Finance, Tourism & Hospitality, Operations, Economic Policy Game Theory & Decision Sciences, Resources Human & Organizational, Strategic Management & Others. The scope of international economic and business journals is very broad, and not only covers the fields of economics and business. You can send more economic and business coverage, we will continue to publish in accordance with the policies and approval of peer review boards.

International Journal of Economics Business