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Zambrut is the best and world’s leading online journal submission and is located in the USA (Home Base) and Singapore (Small Office). We offer scientific journal publications or international journals to all people in the world to actively participate and contribute. We invite all academics and practitioners at the University and Departments to be able to publish their journals in Zambrut as International Journals. Happy submitting paper and Smart with Zambrut.

Why Publish International Journals in Zambrut?

  • Call for Paper (*Economics & Business; *Social, Politics & Humanities; *Law; *Engineering & Industry; *Biology, Physics & Matematics; *Agriculture & Agribusiness; *Health, Nursing & Medicine; *Informatics, Technology & Computers; *Further information about sub categories is available on the Call for Paper Page);
  • Journal Method (*Flexible; *Following the method of writing your paper; *English language; *The paper page is free or unlimited; *Abstracts should be 300 – 500 words; *Maximum author is 4 Authors and Researchers; *Papers are not the result of plagiarism; *Zambrut highly respects submitted papers);
  • Submit Paper to Journal (*Easy; *Quick and fast respond for agreed information, approved with revision or rejected due to plagiarism issues; *More information about the journal method is available on the Paper Submission Page; *Papers in the form of word document files; *Submitting of papers through the Direct Paper Submission Page to the Editor; *Via Email is easy);
  • Time of Publication (*Fast; *Every day; *Daily Published; *If the paper is approved by the Review Board; *Does not wait for a long period of publication because it is very unproductive, effective and efficient; *Rapid publication process);
  • Simple Publication Journal (*If your paper is not plagiarism, checked by Editor; If your paper is accepted or approved by Reviewer; *Zambrut Manuscript for Edit, Submit & Publish;
  • Do Not Plagiarsm (*Important is do not plagiarsm; *No one likes it if his work is treated like this);
  • Volume and Issue (*Following continuous publications according to Journal Publishing Page);
  • Real & Globally Indexed (*Published journals will be indexed by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandek, Ask, Aol, Google Scholar, Duckduckgo, My Way, Goo and others; *Indexed more than 64 search engines; *Free indexing from Zambrut; *Many people will read your journal through a search engine machine, not directory);
  • Reputable International Journal¬†& Fantanstic Index (*The International of Zambrut Journal has the predicate and good reputation of 64 search engines in the world [Revised: May 7, 2019]; *This is good for increasing your popularity and having a positive impact on the Journal Published in Zambrut);
  • Open Access (*Your journal will be read by reader and have a positive impact; *Journal will be used as a reference by other authors and researchers);
  • Indexing priority Journal (*is a Search Engine, not a Journal Directory; *Zambrut publishers are Master Journal, and Journal Directory is not a Master Journal; Logic is Zambrut publishing your International Journal, not a Journal Directory);
  • Zambrut did not collaborate with their Journal Directories and Impact Factors (*there was no explanation of the methodology and only a few people visited looking for journals in the Journal Directory);
  • Indexing of Zambrut Journals (*is automated and comes from search engines all over the world, not from the Journal Directory which reloads and performs fake indexing and redirects link access);
  • Reward (*For Most Contributor; *Zambrut gives an award in the form of a Special Page for the Most Contributing Researchers or Authors, this is better for your prestige; *For All Authors and Researchers are Participants);
  • Countries Listed (*For Your Countries; *Your Country has contributed to the development of science and registered with Zambrut);
  • For DEVELOPING COUNTRIES is FREE SUBMITTING and FREE PUBLICATION (*Balanced contribution & competition; *Service is the same as developed countries; *NO FEES; *Truly Yours);
  • For DEVELOPED COUNTRIES is free submitting and has an obligation for publication (*Information in Article Publication Charge; *Make contribution for the World; *Think of it as a donation; *That will help researchers from developing countries get free publications in Zambrut);
  • Division for Developing Countries and Developed Countries (*Information in Article Publication Charge Page);
  • Testimonials (*All Authors can provide Testimonials, however Zambrut only publishes the Most Contributing Researchers as an appreciation and support leading to access. Journal published and as proof that the journal is indeed published; *Most contributing researchers are those who have more than 7 International Journals published in Zambrut;
  • Zambrut Campaing (*Balance System, where Developed Countries will support Developing Countries; *There is an obligation only for developed countries in processing publication articles; *Only Authors and Researchers from Developed Countries have certain obligations);
  • We will not complicate the publication of International Journals (*If this paper is indeed worthy of publication; *This paper is feasible and useful for science and the world community; *Published daily following previously published journal pages);
  • Useful time (*We understand your busy life as an academic and practitioner; *You must take care of your work and profession every day; *Make money for your family; *We will not take your time and mind; *Use your time for your family, especially for your profession and make a living for your family; *Publications in Zambrut, unlike those who like to confuse people just for paper or work publications);
  • Journal Hosting (*All the time; *Good for Your Library, Reporsitory and Others; *Published journals will still be maintained to have a positive impact);
  • Zambrut Impact Factor (*We have different ways of calculating positive impact factors, but this is appropriate; Economics & Business: 5,33; Social, Politics & Humanities: 5,23; Biology, Physics & Matematics: 5,94; Agriculture & Agribusiness: 5,27; Health, Nursing & Medicine: 5,42; Informatics & Technology: 5,28; Engineering & Industry: 5,75; Food & Nutrition: 5,76; Zambrut Impact Factors: 5,5).
  • The Latest Journal Publications will be Published on the Main or Home Page of the Zambrut Journal (*Many people will know it is the Latest Journal and it is yours);
  • Enjoy the Day after Research and Writing the Paper Process and Waiting for Publication in International Journal of Zambrut;
  • Happy Submitting Paper to International Journal, only in Zambrut;
  • Keep Publish Your Paper! Your Journal is Your Name! Make contribution for the World!
  • Happy Submitting Paper and Smart with Zambrut!
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