Online Journal Submission

Online Journal Submission at Zambrut International Journal

How do you submit an online journal to Zambrut?
All papers are feasible to become international journals, not limited, but must remain beneficial for all academics, practitioners, and communities in the world. We build a short and fast process for peer review and international journal publications. When the brief review process will give satisfaction to all academics and practitioners who want to contribute together with Zambrut. Don’t have much time to wait, because waiting is very tiring and not necessarily acceptable. We will provide quick information to you if your paper has been approved, approved and revised or rejected by the peer review board. The widest possible scope of science or research for international journal categories. So all researchers and authors, submitting their journals to Zambrut do not need to worry about the coverage of international journals provided.

Submission of online journals can be made on the page of submitting papers to international journals. You can choose to use the shipping method online or by email. We will accept all of these methods. We will not make it difficult for academics and practitioners who want to contribute to the International Journal of Zambrut. The time to wait for peer review is usually only 1-2 days, depending on the busyness of the peer review board. When the journal has been approved, the Zambrut editor will process and publish it in international journals in accordance with the scientific scope. The Editor is very grateful if the submission of this paper is in accordance with the submission of documents for editing and international journal publications because it will summarize the processing time for faster publication. The sent journal must be in Microsoft Word format to simplify the editing process. The editing process must be done by the writer or researcher because it will summarize the publication process. We ask authors and researchers to follow the rules of writing provided in Zambrut.

Online Journal Submission at Zambrut International Journal

Simple process for online journals
Zambrut journals do not require high-quality journals to be sent through online journal submissions and published in international journals. But if there is a high-quality journal, then it is very good and we really appreciate that. We need something that is beneficial for everyone in the world. Delivery of online journals through Zambrut can be done immediately, and we will process it as soon as possible. No need to wait a relatively long time to submit papers to be published in international journals. Why wait for publication time? We will not make it difficult for academics and practitioners who have conducted research and provided benefits to communities or communities around the world.

Submitting of online journals can be done by all academics, practitioners, students, lecturers, professors and anyone who wants research or papers can be published in international journals. International online journals will give researchers pride when their research can be published quickly, of course, will gain prestige for Departments, Universities and Organizations. We also include which countries contribute in international journals in Zambrut. The International Journal of Zambrut facilitates the delivery of free journals, rapid peer review processes, quick publications, fast indexing of 44 Zambrut-registered search engines, and independent indexing conducted by Zambrut (Zambrut Indexing).

Conditions for the publication fee in the International Journal of Zambrut
The Zambrut team has determined researchers and writers from developing countries, We have established and discussed that We also publish international journals with free publications (available on the list). Authors from developed countries must contribute to Zambrut financing in accordance with applicable regulations.

Simpel Submission Paper to Journal, in here, “Pages for paper submission to Zambrut Editor“.