Zambrut International Journal

JUNE 18, 2019;

Making Plans Based on Analysis and Risk Mitigation Assessment Information Technology
June 18, 2019. Sapto Haryo, Reni Muktisari, Timbol Rahardianto & Edgar Sanubari.

Quality Assessment, Characteristics, Preference and Acceptability of Processed Meat Products
June 18, 2019. Ekeocha, A. H., Aganga, A. A., Odumboni, A. A. & Olaleye, O. J.

Intelligent Use of Agent in Information Technology in the Field of Health
June 18, 2019. Andre Solihin, I Ketut Pradana, Cok Sukmana & Eddy Bagio.

Search on Association Rule Spatial Data Algorithm Based Approach FP-Tree
June 18, 2019. Fery Setiawan, Dimas Prayoga, Dodi Surahman & Erik Setiawan.

Utilization Behavior Social Networking Sites
June 18, 2019. Riky Haryo, Sebastiana Yurisman & I Made Santosa.

Phenotypic Characteristics of Goat (Capra aegagrus hircus)
June 18, 2019. Ekeocha, A. H., Aganga, A. A., Odumboni, A. A. & Fatoba, I. E.

Investigating the Relationship Between Somatic Cell Count and Milk Production
June 18, 2019. Odumboni, A. A., Ekeocha, A. H. & Fernando Da’mata.

Utilization of Waste as Milk Powder Feed Supplement Salvage Commercial Feed the Percentage of Carcass Weight and Abdominal Fat Broiler
June 18, 2019. Ipunk Darmawan, Yosi Abdulhadi & Dian Anggraeni.

Cataloguing Conventional Broadcast Media, Social Mass Mobilization Mission and Vision Abortions in Democracy and Good Governance
June 18, 2019. S. A. Shaibu.

Policy Implementation of Use of Funds Non Capitation Organizers Social Security Health Agency
June 18, 2019. Hendik Cahyono, Meilinda Susanti, Yanuar Firmansyah & Robby Wibowo.

JUNE 14, 2019;
Research Knowledge Management Framework
June 14, 2019. Agus Sutiman, Djumali Aliyudin, Yeni Kartikasari & Dio Rahmatullah.

Effect of Health Education to Motivation for Diets, Exercise and Blood Pressure Controlling of Patients with Hypertension
June 14, 2019. Elisabeth Wahyu Savitri, Anastasia Hardyati & Wilhelmus Hary Susilo.

Spirituality and Depression in the Elderly
June 14, 2019. Rahma Arumsari, Yuni Aryani & Anita Megawati.

Quality and Shelf Life of Onion (Allium cepa L.) Bulb as Influenced by Application of Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizers
June 14, 2019. Muluneh Bekele Etana, Ali Mohammed & Amsalu Nebiyu.

Learning Content Sn, Fe and Pb in Food with Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
June 14, 2019. Abdul Bahrawi, Sumartini & Eka Sarkasih.

Mass Communication Dialogue in Effective Parliament Information or Communication Management and Reporting
June 14, 2019. S. A. Shaibu.

A Look at the Major Challenges Facing the Newspaper Today
June 14, 2019. Edmund Chukwuma Onwuliri.

Public Construction Niagara on Ritual Ceremony
June 14, 2019. Hadi Nugroho, Samsul Arifin, Nadia Sulastri & Deni Suparlan.

Increasing Problem Solving Ability and Motivation Learning Through Grand of Math Teacher Comments on Results Homework (PR)
June 14, 2019. Agustinus Setiawan, Natha Fransiska & Nadine Feronica.

Design Applications E-Business Web as a Means of Submission Information Distribution
June 14, 2019. Salim Sunardi, Toyo Suharmono & Eko Prasetyo.