What is the process of reviewing in Zambrut?

The review process is indeed very important to determine that the submitted paper is feasible or not to be published in the Zambrut International Journal or Reputable International Journal. Zambrut has several professors, doctors and experts to determine that the paper is worthy of publication. The Reviewer process is closed and double-blind processes. The Zambrut team will not provide information “about who is a Zambrut Reviewer???”, because this is about your privacy and Reviewers.

The Zambrut team, submitting the papers by authors and researchers to reviewers. Papers are read and analyzed to determine the truth of the submitted paper. However, first is the editorial team determined that no plagiarism from the paper was submitted. Plagiarism is changing the name of a author or other researcher with your name. That’s not good, no one author and researcher whose name is changed is then republished with your personal name.

The paper has been submitted to the Reviewer, and the Zambrut Editorial is waiting for a decision from the Reviewer “Is the paper approved/ accepted/ revised/ rejected/ no accepted?”. The Zambrut Team and Review Team are not emphasizing that the quality of the journal must be good and perfect, because We support a flexible research process. We only want the submitted papers to be useful for all academics, practitioners and communities in the World.

The review process, the Editor will delete your name /affiliate /author’s country. So, the paper submission to the Reviewer is completely neutral. Reviewers will not know, about “who is the researchers or authors of your paper”. They only know about the paper articles submitted, whether they are feasible or not published in International Journal. The Zambrut Team and the Reviewer, greatly appreciated all the papers submitted, because We were aware that the research process and writing papers were very difficult. We will tell, there are very few publishers who value sent papers because they only need perfect papers, as if they are very difficult to publish and end up with expensive paper publication fees. That’s not good.

Papers submitted to reviewers are contained in the Title and the entire contents of the paper (without the name of the author or researcher). So this will be very neutral, because the reviewer team will not know who the researcher or author of the paper is (only the Editor understands this information). Usually, the reviewer team will not make the process difficult and complicated. They tend to retaliate, “Its approved or accepted ……….; Its must be revised ……….; Its rejected/ no accepted ……….”. The Reviewer team also provides instructions on the submitted documents, as evidenced by writing such as “Approved/ Accepted”, “Revised” and “Rejected/ No Accepted “.

Revised by the Reviewer Board, such as “Give more explanation about Introduction, Literature Review and others”, “Give research results such as tables/ pictures/ diagrams/ others”, “Give more explanation about your Discussion and Conclusion”. The Reviewer team does so because your paper can be better understood by readers throughout the World. Sometimes, many people are confused about the published paper, and only a few people understand it. That’s not good. Make revisions quickly – send revised papers – published if approved or accepted. This is so that all readers in the world understand your papers and research, make readers more understand and benefit all people in the world and have more positive impact on the Published Journal.

The time to review the review process is rapid. Why rapid? Because Zambrut has expert experts on submitted papers. The review process period is 1 to 3 working days, this is to support the rapid publication process. In addition, it is to provide comfort to all writers and researchers that there is a guarantee of reliability and will provide satisfaction to all authors and researchers who want their papers to be published in the Zambrut International Journal.

Review Process in Pictures;

Review 1 Zambrut
Review Process on Zambrut, Step 1 - 4
Review 2 Zambrut
Review Process on Zambrut, Step 5 - 7

Briefly the Editorial Team explained;

  • Editorial Team: Checked plagiarism paper submitted;
  • Editorial Team: Submitting papers to Reviewer Board;
  • Review Board: Read and analyze submitted papers;
  • Editorial Team: Waiting for a reply from the Reviewer Board to the Editor;
  • Editorial Team: Provide information that the paper was accepted or approved to the Authors and Researcher in Zambrut;
  • Editorial Team: Editing papers for the process of publication of International Journals in Zambrut;
  • Authors and researchers: Waiting for publication of International Journals published;
  • Enjoy your day

Acceptance Process in Pictures;

Accepted 1
Non Formal Acceptance
Accepted 2
Legal Formal Acceptance

Acceptance Process & Submitted;

  • Editorial Team: Inform of Non-Formal Acceptance to be submitted to the Authors and Researchers quickly;
  • Editorial Team: Legal Formal Acceptance to be submitted to the Authors and Researchers or Department and University (*If needed);
  • Authors & Researchers (Developed Countries): Legal Formal Acceptance to be submitted to the Authors and Researchers from Developed Countries if your article publication charge is complete;
  • Authors & Researchers (Developing Countries): Legal Formal Acceptance to be submitted to the Authors and Researchers from Developing Countries if you have request.
Happy Submitting Paper

Happy Submitting Paper

Happy Submitting Paper & Smart with Zambrut

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