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Guyana Author’s Contribution to International Journal

Guyana Author’s Contribution to the International Journal of Zambrut. Contribution Affiliations include 1) Departement of Health Care Management, Texila University.
We are waiting for academics and practitioners from all universities and departments in the Guyana to publish International Journals in Zambrut.
The International Journal of Zambrut, provides a policy of $ 20 USD or +/- 4180 GY $ (per Journal) for the International Journal publication fees at Zambrut;
*No limitation author;
*No limitation page number;
*No limitation affilite;
*No additonal fees;
*Free submit and peer review;
*Fast peer review process;
*Fast editing;
*Fast publication per day.
This is an affordable publication fee of the International Journal for all academics and practitioners from the Guyana.
We do not need high quality and very good International Journals, because of our opinion that all journals that are beneficial to the world community are quality. However, if there are high quality journals, we are very grateful. Submit your paper in the International Journal of Zambrut. We will publish your journal to make a good impact on the entire world community.

Guyana Author's Contribution to International Journal

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