Pages for Paper Submission to Zambrut Editor

Upload and submit paper to international journals!
This International Journal of Zambrut facilities for all Authors and Researcher use online journal submission services. Inform in full and in accordance with the name identity, research title, abstaction, scientific field, affiliation and countries.

Simple submission paper is using email.

Why use email?
The observation of the Zambrut Team is 85% of users use email, while 15% use document form paper. Most users use e-mail when submitting papers. This is very easy because it’s as easy as sending an email to friends, colleagues, and others.
In addition, submission paper via email will not be delayed because the file will definitely be sent immediately. Meanwhile, submitting papers through document form is sometimes delayed due to internet speed, network disruption at the user’s location and uploading the file.

What files will be sent?
Word Document File that has been edited using Zambrut Manuscript (*Choose using 1 column or 2 columns on the manuscript page).

What is the type of paper publishing?

  • Research;
  • Review;
  • Proceeding;
  • Conference;
  • Novelty;
  • Findings;
  • Others (All Others Reasearch).

What is the category of paper publishing?

  • Economics & Business;
  • Social, Politics & Humanities;
  • Law;
  • Engineering & Industry;
  • Biology, Physics & Mathematics;
  • Agriculture & Agribusiness;
  • Health, Nursing & Medicine;
  • Informatics, Technology & Computers;
  • Food & Nutrition;
  • Teaching & Education;
  • Art, Language & Linguistics;
  • Forestry & Plantation;
  • Earth Science¬†(*Inform the selection of International Journal publishing categories in e-mail submission to the Editor).

What is the name of the e-mail to submitting paper?

Hello & Good Day, Sir.

My Name is Cyntia A.;
From Austin, Texas, USA;
I want to publish my research paper in “International Journal of Social, Politic & Humanities”;

Title, “Impact of International Journal Publication at Zambrut on Scientific Development and Humanity in the World”;

Waiting for your reply & reviewed ……

Best Regard,
Cyntia A.


  • Papers submitted to the Editor for the review and publication process;
  • Papers is only for Zambrut, and is not being submitted to other Publishers;
  • Papers is intended to be published, not just wanting a review. However, when the paper has been reviewed, the Author and Researcher do not approve the publication;
  • The submitting of papers for publishing is following the rapid publication process;
  • Submitted and published the papers, cannot be returned/ withdraw/ deleted;
  • Respect & Appreciate is number 1.
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***Happy Submitting Paper: Smart with Zambrut***

*Changes to the submission of documents are the result of observations from the Zambrut Team (Previously using document form, Now is using email).

Best Regards,
James William.
The Managing Editorial Staff.
International Journal of Zambrut.
Zambrut, Inc.
Austin, Texas, USA.