Balance System & Contribution for Academics and Practitioners from Developed Countries

The International Journal of Zambrut is an online journal submission and targets to have a positive impact and the contribution of scientific research to the entire world community. Submit your paper to International Journal of Zambrut (Submit paper and make contribution for the World). The positive impact and contributions from the published International Journal are getting more Reader Impact Factor Score and getting more readers International Journal. Zambrut also targets the published International Journal to be found in search engines, read, used as a reference for the development of scientific knowledge in the future, and has a positive impact and contribution to society, academics and practitioners in the World.

The Zambrut team will work quickly and try to meet the needs of Zambrut users. We understand that papers produced from research and hard work must be read by many people from all over the world so that research and papers do not become useless. Zambrut tried to distribute papers published in the International Journal of Zambrut, distributing them through 64 more search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandek, Yahoo, Ask, Aol and others.

International Journal of Zambrut

Why publish International Journals in Zambrut?
Zambrut provides policies and facilities in international journal publications;

  • Simpel submission by Zambrut Page Submission or email (*Only in one form and two accesses and complete);
  • Fast peer review after submission of papers to Zambrut (Submit Paper to International Journal) in one day service (*Accountable and credible because research is flexible);
  • Fast information that the paper is accepted or revised in one day service (*Why wait a long time? It is inefficient and unproductive);
  • Fast editing paper for International Journal publications in one day service (*Manuscript is edited by Zambrut Editor);
  • Globally indexed journal by 64 more search engines (*Your International Journal will be read by many people in the World through search engines and has a positive impact);
  • Countries are listed or registered as contributing to science in the world;
  • Authors and Researchers are listed as the most contributing (*Zambrut will publish in Most Contribution Journal Page so that contributing authors and researchers more prestige, your profile and your library International Journal publication and published International Journals will have more positive impact and contribution; *Conditions apply according to the Most Contributing policy in Zambrut);
  • Your International Journal published in Zambrut will be read by many people in the World (*Zambrut has many visitors every day and contributes more than 6000 search journals from around the world as a reference and development of science);
  • Affordable International Journal publication fee (*International Journal publication fee can be done by Paypal, Mastercard and Visa Transfers).

Is the International Journal category published?
Zambrut is consistent to be able to contribute with all academics and practitioners from academics and practioners, especially from Professors, Lecturers and all University Students and Departments in your Countries. Zambrut offers for International Journal publications;

  • International Journal of Economics & Business;
  • International Journal of Social, Politics & Humanities;
  • International Journal of Engineering & Industry;
  • International Journal of Biology, Physics & Matematics;
  • International Journal of Agriculture & Agribusiness;
  • International Journal of Health, Nursing, & Medicine;
  • International Journal of Law;
  • International Journal of Informatics, Technology & Computers;
  • International Journal of Food & Nutrition;
  • International Journal of Teaching & Education;
  • International Journal of Art, Language & Linguistics;
  • International Journal of Forestry & Plantation;
  • International Journal of Earth Science.

The Zambrut team hopes that this information can provide convenience and make academics and practitioners in the developed countries more able to contribute to the publication of the International Journal which will be distributed globally in the world. Of course, it will increase the prestige of developed countries authors and researchers. Other information, Zambrut Journal uses a balance system. Where developed countries will sustain developing countries (Support). The balance system will require funding from developed countries;

  • in the World; if Your Countries is not listed in Developing Countries [Revised, 26 July 2019];

  • Analysis/ Validity Data from World Bank and Zambrut Discussion.

Developed countries, must complete the fees of obligations for International Journal publications because these funds are to help many people from developing countries to publish international journals for free from academics and practitioners in Africa, several countries in Asia, and America.

If you are a authors and researchers from developed countries, then be grateful and proud to be able to help academics from developing countries in Africa, several countries in Asia and America.

“Submit Your Paper, Make Contribution for the World”

For all Researcher “Thanks & Best Regard”.
The Managing Editor.
International Journal of Zambrut.
Zambrut, Inc.