Relaxed Student Life Style

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Published on International Journal of Social, Politics & Humanities
Publication Date: June 5, 2019

Slamet Mulyono, Budi Suparjo, Heri Hermansyah & Titin Rahmini
Department of Sociology, Social and Political Science, W. R. Supratman University, Surabaya
Department of Social and Political Science, Kahuripan University, Sidoarjo
Department of Social Science, Nahdlatul Ulama University, Sidoarjo

Journal Full Text PDF: Relaxed Student Life Style (Coffee Lovers Students at Starbucks Coffee).

Problems of this paper to see the reality that happens to a group of students who participate in starbucks coffee. Though starbucks coffee which is one coffee shop that provides only expensive prices for drinks/ snacks was, not only that starbucks is also synonymous with an exclusive group of people, especially those high-class executives. But the fact is there are a group of students who also consume drinks/ snacks in starbucks coffee. When the researchers looked at himself in his starbucks coffee is not so noticeable there was a group of students were at starbucks. Therefore taking the problems of writing about the relaxed lifestyle of a group of students while they are at starbucks coffee. In this paper, the reasons are socially following the relaxed lifestyle as conducted leisure class. The satarbucks coffee that originated from calls to his friends, to admit that has become everyday activities that must be performed. So that a group of students gave a statement that was given very bad taste and a very comfortable atmosphere. For the reasons are economic, they stated, with pocket money earned just enough to buy a drink/ snack even though they also acknowledged that given the expensive prices and not comparable. Therefore, it makes a student group enjoyed a casual lifestyle and the emergence of high consumption (conspicuous consumption). Relaxed lifestyle that happened to a group of students starbucks coffee connoisseurs as did leisure class was still biased.

Keywords: Lifestyle, Coffee shop, Leisure class.

1. Preliminary
Where once there was no place called coffee shop, because once if people want to enjoy the coffee in a coffee shop or commonly referred to warkop. These coffee shops are often seen at the edges of the highway. Coffee culture initially it drinks his coffee black color, taste bitter and hot. Moreover, because of its place in the form of a stall where too hot and the atmosphere is filled with people that people who drink coffee to feel the heat. Coffee lovers once the old people who can make them feel and enjoy the heat after drinking coffee.
For now in the era of modernization familiar about lifestyle. Here lifestyle lifestyle while enjoying coffee drinks but the coffee culture, has emerged a new term to describe a coffee shop calledcoffee shop, A more modern lifestyle, in a sense already the times that do not want to miss. Changes in lifestyle is most striking when seen what happens to people who live in big cities. The changing lifestyles of coffee drinking culture past and present. In big cities, it can be said quickly follow modern lifestyle thus enjoying coffee drink was used as a way of life for modern society.
Especially on a group of students as a problem to be studied as a student group itself is also part of a coffee shop lovers. A group of students at most connoisseurs coffee shop because it is often seen hanging out with his friends, could be to simply talk or do chores together, and spend time. A group of students also have more free time than school children because of the time possessed sufficient spare student study time to wait hours to arrive.
in the election coffee shop-pun, dipiilih starbucks as a coffee shop is being investigated. This is because Starbucks is a coffee shop that has been known and worldwide at a price that fairly is not cheap. Studied is a group of students themselves who have to work and have their own money are willing to spend money that is not a bit just to enjoy a dish of coffee offered.
Finally, this paper focuses on what social and economic reasons a group of students followed the relaxed lifestyle of the leisure class, as was done in starbucks coffee. Writing this using interpretive paradigm that seeks to understand what the meaning of the behavior of human life, both human as an individual alone or as humans interact with the community and other communities.

2. Literature review
This paper uses theories of Jean Baudrillard on the concept of Public Consumption and Lifestyle and Leisure Class Theory of Thorstein Veblen. Lifestyle in the sociological perspective is discussed in a post-modern social theory which can not be separated from the works of Jean Baudrillard (1929). Baudrillard principal statement saying that the object (consumption) mark (sign). Baudrillard (1998:32-33) states, the situation of contemporary society shaped by the fact that man is now surrounded by a factor of consumption. In fact humans will never feel satisfied on needs.
Baudrillard consumption theory, saying that in the present consumerist society not based on class but on the ability of its consumption. Anyone can be a part of any group if, unable to follow the consumption patterns of the group.Consumption according to Baudrillard is a systematic action in manipulating signs, and to become the object of consumption, the object must contain or even be a sign.
The Leisure Class, this set of ideas one of the leaders of Sociology, that Thorstein Veblen. Leisure comes from the word meaning “free time” and means the leisure class itself theories that explain the behavior of people in the use of their spare time. Leisure class definition itself has something to do with time to spare. In the end, the term “leisure class” translates into classroom spender. From several different senses in the end if it is connected will result in the meaning of the leisure class. So, if from some sense of that term into one, then the leisure class means a class spender who spend a lot of money in order to realize the desire to meet his spare time.
In the lifestyle is also related to time and money, as well as the leisure class who spend their time by spending money not less. So, to say that the groups included in this class leisure lifestyle make a part of themselves. Aims to improve the social status, whether they consciously or unconsciously and compete in utilizing the items considered valuable in today’s times.
Theories of Baudrillard explains that diradikalkan consumption becomes consumption marks. According to the consumer society is no longer bound by morality and habits that have been holding. They now live in a new culture, a culture that see their own existence in terms of the number of heads that are consumed and offered today.
The consumers will see their identity or their freedom as the freedom to realize the desire on industrial goods. Consumption is seen as a community effort to seize the meanings of social or social position. Relationships are no longer occur between humans, but between humans and objects of consumption. By Baudrillard, hedonist morality that emphasizes individualism was linked to the consumer society, which is passive and base its identity on the sign that is behind the commodity goods it consumes. This is certainly to be possible because of the global capitalist production activities has shifted from the creation of consumer goods, to the creation of the sign (Baudrillard, 1998:72-75).
Veblen also reconstitute about them as rational creatures chase social statuswith little for their own happiness. Veblen that “mimic” the more respected members of their group to get more status. Somebrands and store regarded as “high grade” than others, and people might buy them when they are unable to do so, even though cheaper goods might have the same utility (KJ Veeger, 1985:105).

3. Relaxed Lifestyle Students
Any underlying group of students followed the relaxed lifestyle of the leisure class, as was done in starbucks coffee. It is known from a statement a group of students about when the first informant went to starbucks here will be described the overall response informant about what makes a group of students as the leisure class is interested in starbucks coffee turned out to be interested in the atmosphere, flavor and promos given. It is still used to address issues as social reasons.
But the response of a group of students connoisseurs starbucks coffeeby giving a positive response after consuming a drink / snack at starbucks. Responses were given manifold but the overall judging of it tastes good, the atmosphere and the facilities provided. To the extent that some say that the addictive and does not intend to other coffee shop. The response after taking at starbucks this could be one of the answers that can be used to answer the research problems.
A group of students lovers starbucks coffeeshow much like starbucks because the taste of the drinks ordered was very tasty, sweet, does not give effect to unsatisfactory so different from other coffee shop. Apart from the taste that has been given too are socially else that makes a group of students attend class leisure who do choose to starbucks, other social reasons is the atmosphere of the place given. Because of the interest group of students at starbucks was mostly seen it from the taste and atmosphere.
The atmosphere has been granted by the starbucks, comfortable, not too crowded with people, bad taste, between a place for people who smoke and are not separated and are not limited by time. People saw that Starbucks is synonymous with exclusive people then people become hesitant to get there. But with this exclusive place makes Starbucks provides a comfortable atmosphere and delicious that a group of students attend doneleisure classsocially has reason to be interested in starbucks. Starbucks atmosphere in this place become the next social reasons that could make starbucks interesting group of students can follow the class leisure conducted in spending his spare time.
In the Leisure classdefined by Veblen as a class spender who spend a lot of money to spend leisure time. By spending money and time it will bring an excessive consumption (high consumption). Veblen was added that this excessive consumption is defined as the use of money or other resources with the aim of improving social status. But which need to be clarified further that a group of students this starbucks lovers do not feel that with the starbucks to be higher social status. Judging from the social status of a group of students starbucks lovers a variety of existing ordinary high up but it can be seen that to starbucks it does also raise the social status but desires to enjoy a drink / snack at starbucks.
Opinion of Veblen about people who pursue social status with little for their own happiness. Some brands and stores are considered as “high-class” than others, and people may buy when others are not able to do so. Veblen statement can be seen from this that the pursuit of social status to be higher that for happiness himself tried to chase social status. This is indeed justified in a student group starbucks lovers, find happiness in the form of satisfaction with what has been given starbucks but not in the pursuit of social status. Taking from Veblen statement, a group of students attend doneleisure class It also did not try to buy a drink / snack at starbucks behind most other students can not afford to buy because it is interested in starbucks with what is already provided by starbucks without seeing most other students who can not buy.
The reason is the economy, where the views of the allowance obtained to be used to consume drinks /snack The starbucks coffee. To see a group of students what their economic life to be able to follow that do leisure class.
When you take from the consumer society of Baudrillard’s theory that the ability to consume a group of students in following class leisure conducted in consuming the drinks / snacks at starbucks was no longer based on social class. Evidenced by the amount of pocket money obtained by a group of students starbucks lovers who averaged one million a month. With an average of one million is not more than two million, with the amount of pocket money that much they can consume drinks / snacks at starbucks. Because it is known that the price given the starbucks was above average, much less still a student who only rely on money earned pocket.
According to Baudrillard’s theory that says that anyone who resides in part in any social group, social group, namely, a group of students in following the dilakaukan leisure classwho earn pocket money on average one million and is included in the middle to upper social group. Although it is in the middle to upper social groups shows that can follow consumption patterns in consuming the drinks / snacks at starbucks.
From the definition is still vague lifestyle. However, when associated with consumer culture, the lifestyle itself can be defined which is a form of individuality, self-expression and self-awareness stylistik. Indicators of consumer tastes individuality is one of them a drink / snack enjoyed by a group of students in a class leisure conducted follow. It could be said that each individual of a group of students this starbucks lovers have a different taste to give a response after taking it. The consumer culture is a form of individuality different consumer tastes are different, the consumer is certainly a group of students starbucks lovers who have a feel for what the response after consumed at starbucks.
A group of students can enjoy surrounded starbucks exclusive because people place too exclusive atmosphere, does not want such a group of other students who prefer to coffee shop starbucks class below. A group of students there really conscious connoisseurs starbucks coffee shop, which are cheaper in starbucks but the flavor and atmosphere of the place is still no one can beat starbucks. Unconsciously seize the social position of a group of other students who had never consumed beverage / snack at starbucks for social position also becomes different.
A group of students in the following made leisure classin a drink / snack at this starbucks but to follow the leisure class, in enjoying it is also a form of lifestyle that is still vague or biased. Although between lifestyle and leisure class were related but lifestyle concept, a group of students starbucks coffee lovers still biased. The bias is due to the criteria of a group of students as to what can be said to perform as a leisure class as connoisseurs coffee shop. From the multiplicity of criteria for a group of students who made the informants in this study could lead to a lifestyle that is enjoyed being biased. Appearance and socio-economic life can not be used as a reference in looking at student criteria connoisseur coffee shop.
Meaning it can be said that the casual lifestyle for this group of students for comfort feel and taste the drinks were very tasty. Moreover, it casually because it does not order coffee drinks are basically to be hot and the place too hot to be like real coffee culture. Relaxed lifestyle of a group of students in a class leisure conducted follow this because they do not drink coffee to be hot and the place-nor heat is in the shop but cool, comfortable and not feel crowded with people.

4. Conclusion
From the findings of the data that has been analyzed on social and economic grounds as a group of students followed the relaxed lifestyle as conducted leisure class The starbucks coffee can be concluded:
• One reason for the economic group of students in a class leisure conducted follow that an allowance which is not too much but willing to spend a lot in order to fulfill his desire to consume a drink / snack in starbucks coffee, and added that the allowance is not too much of it enough- just enough to keep the leisure class lifestyle in starbucks coffee.
• The informant who is a student group starbucks coffee lovers did admit that when heard starbucks coffee they have in mind is coffee and hangout. But in fact be wrong because it does not order coffee pure turns ordering drinks other than coffee, so is enjoying a lifestyle in starbucks coffee in other words which is called by hanging, the same as was said about starbucks coffee that they have in mind starbucks it lounge.
• Turns out there are two aspects of social reasons students attend the relaxed lifestyle of the leisure class, as was done in starbucks coffee that is, taste the drink offered very tasty and the atmosphere of the place is given also convenient. In other words exactly makes a student audience of starbucks is interested in starbucks coffee was because the flavor is given a very tasty and different from others, although there are coffee shop whose class is the same as starbucks or above starbucks coffee, as well as the atmosphere of the space provided starbucks is very convenient because it is more exclusive, quiet and not too crowded with people.