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The completed research process will provide results and conclusions. Researchers can summarize it into a paper or journal that is ready to be published. Usually, the paper will amount to between 4 and 11 pages or more. The number of summary paper pages, depending on and according to the needs of researchers ” what is useful in the research?”. Many benefits in research will be better, because readers such as students, lecturers, practitioners and others can get knowledge from what has been written in the paper. Paper will be published as a journal, writing a good paper and will be accepted is important. Submitting papers or journals, can be through online publications that are widely accessible to all people in the world. The publication of online journals is better than print journal publications, because online journals can be accessed by all academics and practitioners who need the benefits of research. While the journal print, can only be known by a small community who understand about it. Submit your paper to an online journal submission because it is more useful for many people.

The process of submit paper into journals is an important goal of the research process that has been carried out. The journal will be published widely, contributing to the world community. Article submission is important because it deals with scientific publications. Many academics and practitioners want to publish their journals so that they can be beneficial and have an impact on the wider community. Submit paper, can be through online journals in charge of the scientific field. Many online journals offer this, but not necessarily published journals can be indexed properly by search engines like Google, Bing, Yandek, and others. Many academics and practitioners use the search engine to find journals that have been published. Sometimes, published journals cannot be found in search engines. The International Journal of Zambrut will strive to provide the best results to search engines so that published journals can be found in search engines and have a good impact on the entire world community, its globally indexed from search engine and zambrut indexing. The process of submit papers or journals can be accessed through the submit paper to journal page.

Submit Paper or journal, there are lots of good designs and can be used as references and examples in the next research process. However, the process of journal writing is flexible and free, in accordance with the wishes, needs and basis of the research process conducted by researchers, do not have to follow certain references because of the flexible nature of research and journal writing. There are lots of quality journals that have been written by the researchers, but sometimes the author cannot publish his research because of the cost of expensive journal publications. Zambrut Journal does not provide expensive journal publication financing, but at an affordable cost and can be accessed by all academics and practitioners from around the world. This is the contribution of Zambrut to the world. Many writers are unable to publish their journals because of expensive publication fee or cost. Zambrut provides affordable publication fee or cost policies for the whole world.

Paper to Journal Process (Author Guidelines)

Paper process. Paper section;

  • The top of the paper or journal. The top of the paper is the title and author of the research or correspondent who is involved in the research that has been conducted. The author can write the name, affiliation and description of the city and state. This is an important part of the paper;
  • The abstract part is a summary of the paper from the conclusions that have been written by the researcher. Usually, there are as many as 200 – 300 words. However, the best practice is to add abstract contents to 200-500 words. The addition of important keywords from the paper is important because the reader can find out the important contents conveyed by the researcher easily, precisely and focused on the problems that the reader must know;
  • The introduction section, is the preceding content of a paper such as a review of certain theories and phenomena of the problem under study. The explanation is concise, and specific. The author must know and express the main problems and objectives of the research carried out to his readers. This is the usefulness of research;
  • Section literature review or theoretical foundation is the content of the foundation used by researchers to base their research. The literature review section can be obtained from various references in the book, in journals and others. The conceptual framework of research is also an important part of the research process and paper;
  • Section of the research methodology, an important part of the research process. Research methods can be a basic reference for researchers in obtaining better research results. Population, sample, data analysis, material and others are important parts of research and paper. Usually the referrers also use the foundation of the journal that has been published through the use of variables and indicators in the study;
  • Section of research results, is a part that explains the research process in papers such as characteristics of respondents, data processing, test instruments, assumption tests, fit models, data analysis, and others. However, not all research reveals this, it is important that the results of the research process are quantitative and qualitative data analysis;
  • The discussion section, which is an additional part provided by the researcher in disclosing the results of his research, usually explains in general and specifically the analysis process that has been carried out;
  • The concluding section is an important and focused result of the research that has been carried out. Conclusions can provide explanations that are in accordance with the problems and objectives of the research. Conclusions are also important results and findings that are considered useful researchers to be known by readers;
  • Suggestions, are recommendations from researchers to academics, and practitioners who read their journals. The purpose of the recommendation is to provide useful appeals and references to its readers;
  • Section implications, a recommendation that refers to the theory, specific objectives, and use of research to be published. The purpose of the implications is additional to broadening scientific insight in the fields of research, theory, application and others;
  • The authors can provide other insights such as references used in the paper, attachments, acknowledgment, and others.

Peer Review and Publication Journal Process

Peer review process. The peer review process is a review process carried out by certain people such as experts and professors who are experts in their fields. Review review is multiple, but not known by the paper authors. This is the confidentiality of the review process. Authors who have submitted the paper for publication will get information from the journal editor’s section that the journal has been approved or not approved. However, this is a process, the journal editor section will usually help the journal repair process to be published quickly with a short time, no need to wait for the process. The editor section will make revisions and edits to less than perfect papers, processed in detail and scientifically following the research process contained in the article to be properly published for international journals.

Publication process. The publication process is the final process of submitting the paper into a journal has been completed. The publication will be adjusted to the appropriate part of the scientific field in the proposed research field. Publication of international journals is usually published in English because it is an international language. The journal that has been published will be read by many people and has an impact on the whole world. The authors will get information that the paper he sent has been published in international journals in accordance with his scientific field.

This is a brief information on how to submit paper at international journals in general.

We suggest, submit your paper or journal to Zambrut Journal because it has consistency to distribute, contribute and have an impact on the entire world community. International Journal of Zambrut, support fast peer review, fast publication per day, and fast indexing.

Submit Research Papers or Journal

Authors and Researchers are invited to upload their research paper through online submission form at Zambrut review board. All the submitted papers will be reviewed as per full double blind international refereeing process.

The Zambrut Team and Reviewers were aware that most of the writers and researchers in Zambrut were academics having Professor Degrees, Doctors, Masters and Students. Practitioners namely the position of Head of Department and Staff of the same relevant agency want to provide knowledge and development. We know that you are not an Amateur, and we are very impressed and salute you. We really appreciate your work, reasearch, reviews and all papers.

Submit paper in Microsoft Word Document format. Reviewers are aware that research writing papers are difficult, so Zambrut highly appreciates the work of all writers. The reviewer also knows that research takes a long time to get results and that is very difficult. Finding primary and secondary data is just as difficult. Data is processed and processed in accordance with the formulation of the problem, objectives, concepts and analysis of the data used and getting the results from it is good. The reviewer does not insist that research must be good and perfect because it is very difficult and requires large process costs, the important thing is not to do plagiarism by others and ensure that your research benefits the community, academics and other practitioners. We really appreciate your work and your paper sent or submit to Zambrut.

We did recommend that the submitting of the best papers be good, but that doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is the encouragement to
sharing knowledge, research results, research concepts and problems in the field that are very good. We will publish the paper quickly after the Review Board accepts that your paper has been approved. Make sure that your paper is the final paper to speed up the process of receiving and publishing your scientific paper in an International Journal. We are waiting for your paper to be sent.

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